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How does the American drive through the Stop Sign?

How does the American drive through the Stop Sign?
Update Time:2017-08-22
How does the American drive through the Stop Sign?
Stop Sign is the most common traffic Sign in the United States, and many domestic friends who have just arrived in the United States are not particularly familiar with the method of Stop Sign. Here are a few common scenarios, simply introducing the way to drive through Stop Sign.

Stop Sign is a Sign of traffic signals that typically appear at smaller intersections, which are not inferior to traffic lights in the United States. Follow Stop Sign rules to avoid traffic accidents and improve driving safety. The actual appearance of the Stop Sign flag is shown below.

The states of traffic laws is not the same as in the United States, but to the requirement of Stop signs, in almost all the same. See Stop signs must Stop, Stop after observing traffic around at least three seconds time, make sure no risk before can get through it.

Only one direction have Stop signs in the intersection, the vehicle stopped under the Stop signs, to ensure that will not affect the other direction of vehicles moving can pass, including motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Figure in the case, the vehicle must wait for the bike completely through, can continue to drive.

In multiple directions are Stop signs in the intersection, all Stop signs to Stop under the vehicle, have to wait no Stop signs in the direction of all vehicles and pedestrians through after, can continue to drive.

If at a crossroads, all directions there are Stop signs, if more cars from different directions through the intersection, so the first Stop at the Stop Sign the following vehicle first. Generally for vehicles to drive at the same time, so in this case must give accurate turn signal in advance.

Some crossing the line of sight is bad, drivers Stop at Stop signs below, impossible to know whether there are Stop signs on other direction, this time don't know whether you need to other vehicles. Then can see according to Stop signs the tips above, if Stop signs with All - way, way, 4-3 - way, 2 - way, such as prompt, as shown in the figure below, then show the intersection All directions there are Stop signs.

In this case, as long as you get to Stop signs off on the local stops, can't see the car, other direction can be priority.

By the same token, if at a crossroads, only Stop signs direction, to have a car to get to order and can't be judge who first arrived, can use gestures to communicate, please the other party first.

Stop signs logo is very small, considering the driver could not see or too fast can't Stop, so prompt logo can be placed in advance, as shown in the figure below, see this Sign, you will slow down in front of the note can occur at any time of the Stop signs.

In all the Stop signs, highest priority we most emphasis is on the school bus Stop signs. Everyone must pay attention to, the school bus is built-in Stop signs, if the school bus Stop signs mark open, so all the direction of the vehicle must Stop, until the school bus back Stop signs, otherwise may not use, in violation of the rules will face heavy fines.
Driving in the United States, in addition to be careful, must be familiar with local traffic regulations, such ability can be safe driving to avoid traffic accidents. In particular, some domestic rare traffic signs, the driver should be attention.