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Five types of road traffic sign

Five types of road traffic sign
Update Time:2017-08-31

Five types of road traffic sign

A traffic sign is a means of instruction that is set on the right side of the road and on the right side of the roadway, to manage traffic and indicate the direction of the road to ensure the smooth and safe road of the road.Each traffic sign represents a different meaning. Here are five common traffic signs.

Warning signs: warning vehicle drivers, pedestrians in front of danger signs, road users need to be cautious.The colors are generally yellow, black and black, and the shape is mostly equilateral and triangular, with the top Angle of the triangle.

Ban sign: the meaning of prohibition, restriction and corresponding cancellation. Road users shall strictly observe the color except for individual marks, for the white, red, red and black figures.Graphic bar, shape is mostly round.

Indicating signs: indicates the meaning of the vehicles and pedestrians, road users should follow, color in addition to the individual marks, for the blue and white graphics, normally shape circle, rectangle and square.

Guiding signs: said to the driver of road, along the way to the destination by the relevant town, important public facilities, service facilities, location, distance and driving directions and other information.The general road guiding signs are blue, white, white, and blue, and the highway and urban express road signs are green, white, white and green.Shapes are rectangular and square except for individual marks.

Travel signs: to attract and direct people from highways or other roads to nearby tourist areas, the colors are brown, white (graphic), white border, brown lining.

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