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Traffic signs in the USA

Traffic signs in the USA
Update Time:2018-01-20

Traffic signs in the USA

US roads are very well marked and every type of a road sign differs in its background color:

Green- navigation signs (indicating motorway exits, etc.)
Blue – information signs (informing you about services for drivers and passengers – gas stations, camps, restaurants, etc.)
Red – prohibition signs (ordering you to stop, to give way, etc.)
White – regulatory signs and route markers
Yellow – warning signs (gives warning ahead of intersections, traffic lights, speed bumps)
Orange – warning signs (indicating detours and road works)
Bright yellow-green – warning signs (indicating the proximity of school or proximity of a crosswalk)
Brown – they navigate you to or inform you about interesting tourist sites, sights, etc.
Pink – these are pretty rare, they warn you about accidents, natural disasters, etc.
There’s also a possibility to find a complementary sign with concrete instructions at the main roadsigns. To understand them you need to have at least basic knowledge of English. Some of the tips might be quite baffling at first sight so here’s a small dictionary for you:

CAR POOLS ONLY Indicates that there is a special traffic lane for vehicles in which there are traveling at least two passengers. There is often only a driver in the car in the United States so full vehicles can avoid traffic jams thanks to these. Using this lane is free of charge unless you’re driving alone.
4 WAY or ALL WAY can be seen at STOP signs; cars will leave the intersection in the exactly same order they arrived.
BUMP or SPEED BUMP warns about bumps in the road or before the speed bump.
CAUTION warns about danger or risk on the road.
DETOUR indicates detours.
NO TURN ON RED cancels the abovementioned rule according to which you’re allowed to turn right although there’s red light.
ONE WAY indicates a one-way road.
PED XING or XING is an abbreviation of a pedestrian crossing.
WORK AREA informs about the ongoing work on the road.