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How to install with stem road stud?

How to install with stem road stud?
Update Time:2018-03-07

How to install with stem road stud?

I. Install location

Road edge or in the middle of the road

II. Application

Vehicles deceleration and reflection

III. Materials and tools preparation

1. A glue (transparent color), B glue (brown color).

2. Cement, steel brush, spatula, chalk, tape measure, plastic barrel, plastic stick, broom.

3. Electric drill and 14 mm drill bit, wood stick or electric drill mixer.

4. While the working temperature below 10 degrees, also need to prepare kerosene stove or other heating tools.

IV. Install process

1. Location: Road stud installation area should be level off, anhydrous dry, clean, no crack.

2. Glue mixing: Road stud dedicated A glue, road stud dedicated B glue, mixed ratio is 1:1 (e.g., A glue 1 kg, B glue also 1 kg), and add 20% of cement as filler. Glue must mix uniformly, color consistent.

3. Punching: Use electric drill to punch holes at the measured position, hole depth is 6 cm.

4. Put glue: Clean up the ground, put moderate glue on the stud, not only pasted on the ground firmly, but also don't spill too much, the spilled glue can use spatula to scrape up, and can be repeated use, turn right and turn left twice after pasted, To make the glue more uniform pasted on the ground and the road stud.

5. Checking: Two hours after installed, all road studs should be checked again, if contorted happened, should be modified.

6. Road closure: Road closure at least 6 hours after installed, to ensure the glue cure time.

V. Notice

1. Traffic safety, operator must wear traffic safety reflective clothing, use reflective barrier facilities to closure the area of construction, if operate at night, setting electronic luminous induce signs or warning lights etc, To ensure the safety warning effect.

2. Road stud should not be installed on the marked line, it should be mounted outside of the line 5cm distance.

3. Every time glue mixing shall not exceed 3kg (because glue mixing will be solidification after a certain time, so, to avoid waste, please don’t mixing glue more than 3kg each time).

4. When the working temperature is below 10 degree, glue not easily be mixed, then should use kerosene stoves to heat glue (heat A glue only, B glue can not be heated). Use mixer to make them mixed uniformity.

5. Generally, the distance between road studs and marked line should be the same, single side reflectors are opposite to vehicles direction, do not install reversed or crooked.

6. During installation, operators should grasp both sides of the road stud, don't touch reflectors’ surface, so as not to dirty the reflectors.

7. Do not install when the ground is watered.