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Why reflective sheeting has joints

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Why reflective sheeting has joints
Issue Time:2017-07-05
Joints during reflective sheeting production is unavoidable, few reasons as follows 

- each jumble roll is 2,000-4,000 meters, and it will slit into regular roll of 45.7 meters, there will be at least one joint.

 - If there is trash or dust get into the vinyl during the processing, we need to cut off the part with flaws.

- If the glass bead is not distributed evenly, more or less, the coefficient of retro reflection will not meet with requirements.  

- If the speed of producing high intensity grade film is too fast or slow, the encapsulated lenses will be out of shape.


We will keep the amount within 2 joints in one regular roll. And we will mark the length of each part in lot number, if there are any joints.