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Many people do not know the traffic signs of this color

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Many people do not know the traffic signs of this color
Issue Time:2017-07-14
Many people do not know the traffic signs of this color
Orange is very eye-catching color, with a vibrant, eye-catching, intuitive, giving a positive impact at the same time, but also help to ease the tension.
From the orange and yellow traffic signs below, you can visually feel the charm of orange, the right orange logo is clearly better. So most of the country's construction area logo colors are selected orange.
What is the orange traffic sign
Orange traffic signs, is dedicated to the construction area of the warnings, instructions and other signs, to inform the driver in front of the road due to the construction of the corresponding changes.
GB5768-2009 "Road traffic signs marking line" provides: orange or fluorescent orange, for the road operating area of the warning, guiding signs.
JTG H30-2015 "Road Maintenance Safety Operating Procedures" also has a corresponding illustration, designated orange and fluorescent orange applied to the construction area of the temporary signs.
The following is part of the use of orange background construction area logo:
The meaning of the orange traffic sign
Orange logo, and ordinary yellow warning signs compared to what advantages and differences?
With a high degree of eye-catching, the driver's warning effect is better;
With the conventional traffic signs are differentiated to improve the driver to understand the efficiency of the logo information;
Uniform color easy to install in the road before the construction, all removed after construction, to prevent confusion with the original signs of the same road.
3M orange reflective film
In order to better meet the needs of different customers, 3M can provide superior grade 3934, fluorescent super class 3924S and fluorescent diamond grade 4084 orange reflective film, for the construction area orange logo.