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The world 's strange road signs

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The world 's strange road signs
Issue Time:2017-07-24

The world 's strange road signs

The road sign is intended to provide a simple reminder for the driver or pedestrian, and to "at a glance", it is a test of the skill of the logo designer, or "IQ". This time for everyone to collect the logo around the world fully demonstrated the designer's brain hole, they are funny, or strange, and some even bloody, may wish to follow the reporter to see what!

It is said that Finland's road sign is a "thin ice", not sure, not only because I do not understand Finnish, but also because it is not in the Finnish Road Authority listed in the road logo list. The most important thing is that if only look at the graphics, it is much like a warning in front of a zombie.

The road sign in a country in the United States is very puzzling, you have to say it is a warning "carefully someone on the plane throwing debris" bar, the plane is like a plane to crash the way; you have to say is a warning "car Drivers do not throw debris hit the plane "it, not too realistic, I'd be more inclined to the former.

Ladies should be careful if they see this signpost in Denmark, and it warns the front of the street by cobblestone, which is easy to make your gorgeous high heels "glorious sacrifice".

The road sign near the entrance to an international airport in Belize is known worldwide, and it is a warning that "pavement is raised", of course, understood as a more appropriate slowdown, but there is no doubt that it is the world's sexiest road sign, no one.

If driving to see the logo, that will really be careful, because the moose is one of the world's largest cervidae animal (science: the giraffe although there is a "deer" in the name, but does not belong to the cervid family). The body of the moose is nearly 3 meters long, the shoulder height is more than 2 meters, the average weight is 400 kilograms ~ 600 kilograms, the heaviest close to a ton. If you want to attack your car, it's easy.

The logo on the American highway looks eerily strange, apparently a family of three, but why run? The answer is that there is no valid identification, or illegal immigration. They are often in a hurry to avoid detection, so the authorities have made this warning sign to remind passing vehicles.

The literal translation as "a zombie" ahead of the electronic signs have already made a citizen of the United States normal, for someone online teaching how to "black" into the control system of the electronic signs, all want to show what content is By the "you". That's enough to get bored.

If you have a bad eye, you can see the sign in front of you, and when you see the sign, you can not help but yell at it. "This logo is not enabled" except for the driver distraction. May be the IQ of the producer.