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Our advantage


Every year, we attend different exhibitions both at home and abroad to study the most advanced technologies. There are also many projects we work together with customers, their professional suggestions and experience helping us a lot on improving the products and the skills of our engineers. 

We are able to provide excellent design concept, the accurate drawings and 3D prototype, which greatly reduce the developing cost and the risk before actual molding process. In the past few years, we have achieved a lot of success on LED products, including increase inspection and testing equipments. We hope the accidents on roads and construction can be reduced by the brightness of LED products.

Let us work together to develop many more excellent traffic products to protect cars, people, and families.


We are very proud of dedicating on the traffic and construction facilities for over 12 years, and achieving the leading position in this field in China.

We have great strength on production abilities, including molding, welding, bending, punching, powder coating, screen printing, injection, blowing, rotation, rubber casting and electronics. The newly Weld Robot application increases a lot on the work efficiency and also ensures the steady quality. 

During these 12 years, we have cooperated with the customers over 20 countries and districts. We are familiar with the products and standards of different countries, and these knowledge and experiences offer us many guidance and ideas when we design and develop new products.


“Quality” and “Trust” is the core value of our service. We make every effort to help customers to solve problems.

The road construction has distinct work seasons; in order to shorten the lead time to meet customers’ requirements, we build the new warehouse occupying 10,000 square meters, with fork lifts to platform directly for container packing process. Regular products are always kept in stock , and your individual requirements can also be performed . Strict inspections are constantly performed from material, production, assembly, and shipment to guarantee quality.

Choosing Xiangxu Traffic should be the thing that you are proud of. We are not only selling the products, but also providing the great service and guarantee on the price, lead time and quality.