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More than 10 years of professional product design R & D team

  • I made myself

    Design is art, quality is the soul; I am high Shan, just to Xiangxu pay security, I can feel the cultural atmosphere of Xiangxu, Xiangxu focus on road transport facilities for more than ten years, only for security. Xiang Xu Ning would rather take a single, do not want to do a unqualified signs. I am a graphic designer of Xiangxu, I am willing to work with Xiangxu, designed for safety, living for the design

  • I grew up I am happy

    I am a product promotion officer Qinghui, working in Xiangxu pay security for 2 years, followed by the company step by step to grow, see the company R & D and production of various traffic safety products, I am very proud, also love my work, I will use professional Attitude, caring service, do all the product promotion, wholeheartedly pay! For the development of the company together!

  • Safety first

    I am the head of the production department Dengligang, working in Xiangxu 6 years, I have been sticking to Xiangxu people-oriented, the concept of safety first, each traffic signs, road brand name, and resolutely not allow unqualified products to enter the market. See our team production design a variety of traffic signs sold to the country and exported to many countries, I am very proud of my work, we are happy, I grow is a true portrayal of our work!

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